The medical consultation and the Pharmaceuticals

The France health care system separates the medical consultation and Pharmaceuticals. With the subscription from the Dr. or medical specialist, the patients head for the pharmacy to obtain the Pharmaceuticals.
The pharmacist delivers the entire pack of the Pharmaceuticals for the security and hygiene reasons.

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The card holder of the French security social card, a green card with the photo on the card, also subscribes to the student medical insurance; the French Social Security Agency and private insurance company reimburse the pharmaceuticals expenses except for 0.5€/ per box of pharmaceutical are retained as the participation fee.  The amount of the retained expenses depends on the numbers of the Pharmaceuticals received.  If the doctor notes down five boxes of the pharmaceuticals, for example, a total of 2,5€ is nonrefundable.  French Recent medical reform offers some conveniences including reserve the Pharmaceuticals online by scanning the subscription in advance; the pharmacies open 24/24 hours and 365/365 days a year.  Some Pharmaceuticals are purchasable without any medical prescription.  Besides the pharmacists plays excellent resources for medical consultation if the Dr. is not available!