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What has CLOE International to offer : billionphotos 3539985

  • Quality education consulting services: CLOE International offers consulting service including advice on study subject, guidance on completion of application documents, personal coaching in preparation  for the interview  and the follow-up post- application.


  • Person-oriented career advice service: this service aims to attract European students seeking internship opportunities in Asia. International graduates look for internship opportunities or short period jobs in France.


  • Professional and personalised accompaniment services: One of the defining differences is that CLOE INTERNATIONAL commits to assisting graduate students or international alumni who are interested in starting businesses in France after completing studies. We offer professional consultation and coaching for the start-up by collaborating with various both professional institutions and individuals, i.e., related financial institutions, lawyers, expert accountants. We also offer help to settle their family members in France.


  • Language induction services: we plan to offer French language courses to international students.

  • Customerised or Conceived Programmes.


The flowchart describing the services offered to our students in relations to our operation philosophy.


  • CLOE International flow chart concours