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CLOE International stands for the Centre for Language, Orientation and Education.

Two associates found CLOE International to promote French education, language, career guidance and culture.

With our extensive consultancy experience in helping international students access higher education in France, we aim to deliver quality and holistic services that are engaging, adaptive, integrated and comprehensive.

It is with this operational philosophy in mind that the slogan “You are important” is born.  CLOE International is committed to the promotion of high quality and internationally acclaimed French education. Meanwhile, we deliver the post study services: start up a business in France or looking for short-term working opportunities in our integrated services to our clients.

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France is recognised as “Home of Luxury” in fashion, cosmetics, design, arts, culture, wine as well as gastronomy. France is also well known for its fabrication centre of Airbus aircraft, high-speed train (TGV), luxury yachts and military weapons, and similarly a leading higher education destination in these fields.

billionphotos 2351079For many consecutive years now, around 20 French business schools also feature prominently in the annual Financial Times “Best Business Schools’ Ranking”.

  • We want to bring “Made in France” in education consulting industry and ancillary services to international students who leave their homes to pursuean education in France.

  • We want to train our students in the essentials of learning philosophy and plan for future career development

  • We position ourselves as a pioneering education leader in the promise to deliver personalised, moderate, correct but firm education information to our clients and giving timely professional guidance on both personal and professional development.

  • We want to act as a networking and information centre for CLOE International coached students and the future students to share first hand living and study experience of France.